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Huron Hunter

Principal + Founder

Senior Advisor

Kristen Bruckner

Communications Specialist + Copywriter

Kate Glover

Senior Designer +
Creative Director

Jonathan Sackheim

Online Advertising Director

Sherri Johnson
Visual Designer

Reuben Johnson
Digital Director

Chris Woodley

Video Director

Jane Miller


"Having been a long-time President or CEO at a variety of food companies, it was quite a transition for me to become an entrepreneur focused on launching a career-advice website and a new business book. Mary joined me early in the process as my marketing lead and has worked with me side-by-side in every aspect of Jane Knows’ development.  From being clear on our target market to providing relevant content to creating a website that would resonate with my audience, Mary has provided both the thought leadership and the project execution. Mary has supported me to be true to my voice and encouraged me to be me.  She also has made me feel as if I am her only client, always being attentive and available. But most important, I believe that Mary cares as much about Jane Knows as I do. Because of her commitment to me and Jane Knows, we are creating an amazing platform that will positively change the lives of young people as they start their careers. That is my dream."

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver

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