If You Build It, Will They Come?

May 12, 2014

Over the years, I have witnessed more than a few small businesses open their doors. Many have been wildly successful while others have limped along or failed completely. So, what is the difference between those that succeed and flourish and those that do not? What is the key ingredient?


Is it in the concept or idea?


The timing?


The people?


The location?


The investments?


Something else?

Success can come with all or some of these things intact, but there’s one more thing that rises above all else that will dictate the success or failure of any business. Homework. Yes, that’s right – good old-fashioned reading, researching and interviewing. The kind we did in school. And there was a reason for that…


Recently, I read a Facebook post from a small business owner that felt to me threatening and full of blame. “We are YOUR bookstore. And if you don’t shop here, we’ll just have to close our doors at the end of the month.” Kind of thing.




As much as I love sweet little bookstores, I wonder….did said bookstore do their homework before they opened? Before they decided to make their success my responsibility but forgot to clue me in?


You see, starting a business prior to doing the homework to determine that it’s the right idea at the right time in the right place for the right people with the right resources can be suicide.


You might think or feel or feel you know it's going to be wild success, but launching into business before gathering all of the facts, insights and information is really more in the realm of what I call fear-based business.


You may think or feel or feel you know that you're acting on trust, intuition and inherent truth toward what is most true for you. (And you may be right.)


But not running all of that through the filters of what's real and right and true in the world around you to fully vet and test and learn how your concept can and will fly is an act of fear.


If you are afraid that the outside world won't support your idea and therefore don't do your homework, then your success simply can't be fully realized.


Instead, stepping into your personal power with your grand idea and then aligning that idea with the community that you plan to support and that you intend will support you is the greatest act of trust and love you can do for yourself and your business. AND it will enable you to attract opportunities, people, energy and support that you may not even have realized you needed. 


So, do your homework! Conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, research. Write a business plan, a marketing plan, a budget. Set your intentions with all the bones in place. These acts will pour love AND resources into your dream. Then, watch your concept take off with the supportive foundation and magnetism it needs for success.


Blessings on your way!

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