Happy Springtime!

March 21, 2014

Springtime can be about new beginnings, new ways of being in the world, and new ways of doing business. And I also believe this season can be about endings – the end of doing things that don’t work, that don’t serve our highest good or that don’t support ourselves and others openly, positively and lovingly.


To me, spring is a time of spiritual transformation, deepening and evolving, both personally and professionally. With that, here are my top recommendations for living and working in truth, with integrity and for our collective well-being.


Let’s let our bright, beautiful and brilliant lights shine, inward and outward, shall we?!


1) Speak your and hear others’ truths. Giving and receiving clear counsel is an art form. When we remember that no one is as smart as all of us, actively engaging in truth-telling and wisdom-sharing is as essential as breathing. This season, practice becoming more comfortable with giving your expert counsel to others. And open your own heart to receiving such counsel from your clients, vendors and peers. We all need a healthy dose candor, honesty and forthrightness from time to time, especially when it’s delivered with the intention of being open, collaborative and loving in our dealings with people.


2) Breathe. Speaking of breathing…in our complicated world of information overload, on-demand expectations and work/life overwhelm, it’s more important than ever to pause. Take a moment to breathe between transactions. Before speaking. Prior to reacting. In the heat of conflict. Or in advance of moving on to the next pressing thing. Filling our lungs with oxygen and our hearts with space can shift our perspective and soften our delivery. And we just may find that our whole day becomes that much freer and sweeter. Ahhh, exhale……


3) Show it. A picture’s worth a thousand words, to be sure. And your story is priceless. Start telling yours with video if you haven’t already. Not only will you drive your point home more quickly and succinctly, but you’ll be able to do so using your unique voice and your authentic perspective in a way that’s far more memorable and impressionable than with just words. These days, your overall effectiveness is based on how you tell AND show in each medium.


4) Budget. Countless times throughout the year, I am contacted by potential clients for marketing services. And at least half the time, I learn quickly that said contact-er has “no money” for marketing. Folks, I am a helpful and giving soul, but I simply don’t work for free. And I hope you don’t either! If you plan to start a new or grow your existing business, budgeting for marketing is as fundamental as paying for electricity, technology, rent, food……all the daily necessities of opening your doors, of living. Know NOW, and not after you are knee-deep in your venture, that you cannot launch or grow your business without investing in marketing. That’s like trying to drive your car across country with no fuel. You’ll get nowhere FAST!


5) Get intimate. Business person – know thyself, know thy audience! The name of the game in 2012 is intimacy. Get in the habit of becoming a keen observer of your own behaviors and motivations. Not only will it help you tune in and get clear, but you might just learn something new about yourself and those you serve. And by doing so, you’ll be able to better align your good work with those who need and want you most.


6) Reveal and connect. Gone are the days of trying to manipulate audiences with half-truths, wild promises, over selling. Transparency and openness are what matter most these days, so take a good hard look at your messages, your content, your marketing. Does your material convey who you really are and what you’re trying to create? Do you feel good about it? Do your customers feel good about it? If so, bravo! Keep up the great work of being real and authentic. If not, now’s the time to do some cleansing and regrouping. Make a list of your most sacred values and use this as a filter for all your business marketing endeavors.


7) Make your thoughts count. Everything we think and feel shapes our reality. Our effectiveness and success are directly proportionate with how we see the world around us. Is your work aligned with your heart’s desire? Are you living your purpose? If so, remember – every day is not perfect. There will be roadblocks, challenges and conflicts. It’s absolutely impossible to live and work without that. But don’t let those situations shift your perspective in such a way that you end up crapping all over your dreams. Instead, learn to manage your attitude with love and compassion. Acknowledge your fear and judgment then bid them adieu. Embrace the ebbs and flows with gratitude – they are essential for the growth and prosperity of your business and your soul. And if you’re not living your right life, get busy now finding your way! We’re all counting on you (and each other) to do so!

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