Let the GIVEFEST begin…the sacred art of giving and receiving in business

February 15, 2014

When we release our powers of benevolence into the world, amazing things can happen – in everyday life and in business.


The thing about giving is that when we put our gifts into the world, share our love, or provide something of value to others, we are left with more than we had before we gave that something away.


I believe that any service or product created from our true life purpose that is shared or sold is actually an opportunity to give from the purest, most divine source of authenticity. By connecting wholly and openly with others through our purpose and with a giving heart, our gifts are returned to us by the universe in the way of spiritual abundance and life fulfillment.


And when we allow others to give to us from the space of their right lives, we support their purpose and provide them with comfort and contentment as well.


Giving and receiving is a grace-filled dance where balance is maintained through the rhythmic and continuous emptying and refilling of our loving cups by one another. That means trusting our investments in ourselves, our businesses and our clients in such a way that we believe our efforts will flow back to us plentifully so we can dip again and again into a bottomless well of kindness and gratitude.


As a result, our businesses thrive, our lives are expanded, and others are supported and enriched.


So, today, let’s start a GIVEFEST by cultivating our generosity and openheartedness and lighting the way for others to do the same…..

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