What you seek is seeking YOU

February 2, 2014

What you seek is seeking you. -Rumi


I’ve been meditating recently on the ways in which I often get in my own way. How I allow fear, doubt and external forces interfere with my inner knowing, my personal navigation system.


Many of my clients have expressed similar feelings and experiences in their lives and businesses.What I am learning (for the umpteenth time, I’m humbled to say) is that despite our human delusions that we should and do have control over our lives and destinies, we are all truly much more capable of manifesting that which we desire when we actually let go……


Let go and invite one simple truth, as Rumi so clearly and succinctly puts it:

What you seek is seeking you.


When I begin my day in meditation, breathing in and out, “So hum” or “I am” and subsequently follow that spiritual foundation with running all my thoughts, feelings, decisions, etc. through the idea that what I want wants me, I am more at peace.And when I become still and quiet and allow this idea to more deeply take hold, I realize that I feel more in control when I expand my view and trust myself than when I sit at my desk, manically working to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ of my life. The former is empowering. The latter is just maddening.


Sitting back, breathing and being present, my meditation mantra naturally and purposefully combines with Rumi’s wisdom into a whole new awakening…“I am what I seek.”And with that, I sink further into resonance. Deeper into knowing. Further into aligning my desires with my ability to create the life of my dreams.


Perhaps the very thing I’m looking for has been trying to find me. Maybe it even resides right inside of me…


What are your obstacles? Your filters? Your guides? Your opportunities?


I’m willing to bet that if you regularly sit in stillness with beautiful you, you will find exactly what you seek. And you just might realize that whatever or whomever that is has been seeking you all along.

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