What is conscious marketing?

January 16, 2014

What is “conscious marketing,” you ask?


To convey what I behold as “conscious marketing/communication,” I first want to outline what I believe it is NOT…..


Conscious marketing is NOT using your vital energy to deliberately edge out, push down or discredit your competition. That’s corrupt marketing.


Conscious marketing is NOT the shotgun approach of throwing things out into the world and seeing what lands. That’s senseless marketing.


Conscious marketing is NOT about spin, propaganda, dishonesty or misleading messages. That’s fraudulent marketing.


Conscious marketing IS:·

-Listening with openness, compassion and a full heart;

-Connecting people to people;Implementing smart strategies and tactics that enable needs and desires to be met;

-Creating meaning, having purpose and being true;

-Mutually fulfilling and beneficial;

-Authentic; and most importantly,

-An extension of who you are.


Conscious marketing/communication is an approach I use to support my clients that combines traditional marketing practices with intuitive wisdom. I apply deep listening, mindful questions, intentional techniques and mind/body/spirit methods to help my clients create a communication path with their target markets that is authentic, clear and true.


My role as a coach and a consultant is to encourage clients to utilize their own innate wisdom while providing my experiences, perspectives and expertise…..all in partnership with them to achieve personal and professional goals and to create abundance and prosperity in their businesses.


For me, conscious marketing/communication starts and ends with People. Purpose. And Passion!

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