Intuition RULES!

January 15, 2014

Here are my top five approaches for tuning in, listening deep, and connecting with your sixth sense.


1) Thoughts be gone! If you’re stuck in your head, spinning one analytical thought into the next, your internal compass is completely blocked. The only way to truly connect with your innate wisdom, your guiding light is to empty your brain and lock in on your body. That gut feeling is just that – your gut or body’s way of revealing clues, messages and feelings that inform your right next step.


2) F**k fear!! That little gremlin is not your friend. Fear is the single most toxic ingredient in our lives. It plagues our relationships, our right paths, our clarity, our truest selves. Stillness, calmness, peacefulness make up the heartbeat of intuition. Find the melodious harmony of your authentic beat and feel it. Chuckle along with the fear gremlin then send him packing. Once he’s gone, you now have access to your deepest wisdom, your highest good. Listen carefully with your senses. Without fear drowning it out or creating resistance to it, intuition can find its aliveness within you!


3) Dream a little dream. Our subconscious life holds the key to our waking world. Need to make a decision? Solve a problem? See more clearly? Meditate just before bed and let the glorious sleep time hours usher you to ideas, images, colors, feelings and emotions that often stay tucked safely inside our psyches during our waking hours. In the morning, before you rise to start your day, jot down anything that is lingering from the sweet foray into your subconscious….you just might see the day in a whole new light!4) Want to feel more oneness with your intuitive self? Source from compassion and with grace. Tap into the divine feminine that exists in all of us, the cosmic mother. A simple softening around the heart can do wonders for unlocking our instincts and sensitivities, opening us and awakening to new insights and inspiring others to do the same.


5) Trust yourself. Those voices in your head from “others” do nothing but cloud our own sweet truth. Getting advice or feedback from those “others” can be helpful at times, but if the bulk of those words contain mostly analytical thoughts or fear messages from someone else’s life perspective, they are simply noise. Drown that crap out with your own self-validation – you are your best guide, your truest north, your brightest light. Trust YOU!


In today’s world, your business, and the communication you use to put that business into its authentic existence in service of those who need or want it most, must be built with the blocks of your innate spirit and from the recesses of your deepest intuition. Today, open your business and open your life to the glorious intuitive world within! Everyone in your path will benefit…


Blessings, light and love!

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