December 2, 2013

On any given day, I swear, I must make about 500 different decisions: what to wear; how to spend the weekend; what project to work on; what to make for dinner; what to write in my blog; what bills to pay today; what investment to make in my daughter’s college fund; which printer to use for a client’s brochures; what my husband and I will do on our date night; which new tires are best for my car; which accountant to hire; what kind of new refrigerator to buy; the list goes on and on, and you get the picture. I’m certain your list is quite similar!


In the quest to balance work and family in my life and to manage the barrage of choices facing me each day, it has been necessary for me to develop three filters through which I run all my decisions:


1) Is it necessary for me and my family now and will it bring us joy, peace or comfort?


2) Is it kind to and considerate of me, my family and the other parties involved?


3) Does it serve my highest potential/purpose and that of my family members?


Pausing for a moment to consider these three filters has given me such a profound sense of freedom……..freedom from saying yes when I really mean no; freedom from guilt and shame; freedom from wasted time or resources; freedom from overwhelm.


And as a result, I feel much more authentic, more real and more liberated than ever before. It’s simple really – source everything from that which is sacred and precious to you, and you can never go wrong!


What are your filters in life? In business?


Whatever they are, I’m convinced that they are your very own golden ticket to harmony and fulfillment!

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