Mary's Mindful Marketing Measures, v1

November 6, 2013

1) Be brand conscious and consistent. Make sure that your company brand is intact in all media and marketing efforts. This means ensuring that your logo, colors, fonts, messages and images are connected across the board on EVERYTHING from websites to Twitter pages to direct marketing to ezines to ads. Your unique voice should be loud and clear for you and your company ARE what you post, promote and publish.


2) Marketing is a broad term encompassing several key areas. Marketing = branding, business collateral, marketing collateral, direct marketing, website, public relations, social media, community outreach, special events, promotions, advertising and all their subcategories. A holistic, rhythmic and integrated approach is always best.


3) These days, public relations encompasses more than just mainstream media. PR is an opportunity to share your voice with a broad, diverse and participating audience of media members, Web users, collaborators, customers, bloggers, etc. The web has blurred the lines between traditional marketing and PR and fused the two into a vast sea of communication opportunity.


4) Speaking of PR….forget spinning and go for framing. In the communication-savvy world in which we now live, trying to put a positive “spin” on key messages/issues or a spin of any kind on anything is perceived as fraudulent. Consumers are smarter than that. Instead, go for framing an issue. Framing is about being authentic, clear and transparent and operating from your integrity.


5) Direct connection and communication with customers is a company’s greatest point of power. This is where the buying magic happens. Finding avenues where your customers search for, appreciate or monitor information is the place to start. From there, ensure that your web presence is strong and clear, features killer content, and focuses not on the masses but on your specific audiences that are underserved in the online landscape.


Finally, communicate your specific expertise and offerings; develop messages that feature things your customers want to hear; be direct, clear and don’t forget to include your call to action.

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